Ximonia RS312, a new 12-tonne capacity, heavy-duty flameproof underground loader is powered by a C7.1 mechanical engine with Tier 2 emission standards and integrated exhaust aftertreatment systems, reducing personnel exposure to harmful diesel emissions. Significant improvements have also been made to operator cabin ergonomics and visibility, assisting safety and comfort during operation.

The engine has also been designed with ease of maintenance and total cost of ownership in mind, including up to 20% diesel fuel savings and 15% reduction in servicing time.


Ximonia RS312 flameproof underground loader is full of new innovations which improve safety, minimise emissions, increase productivity, and lower operating costs.

This new LHD utility vehicle with Ximonia quick detachment system (QDS) provides a safe, efficient solution to the challenges of underground loading and hauling applications.

  • Designed to meet the latest major international safety standards, including electronic diesel engine safety shutdown systems and roll-over (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protection fitted as standard on all units
  • Increased engine performance with additional 20% torque and 8% power for more productivity
  • Reduced maintenance time for maximized machine availability
  • RS312 can be used in conjunction with Ximonia 57 tonne hydraulic assist roof support trailer for relocating larger longwall equipment
  • Ximonia automatic fire suppression system
  • Ground level servicing with no requirement to access top of the machine to reach service points
  • Digitalization - productivity data: optimization of machine utilization and maintenance through analysis of operation data
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 9,0 x 2,4 x 2,2 m
Capacity 12 ton
Bucket range 3,1–4 m3
Weight (operating) 35 000 kg
Engine C7.1 mechanical engine with Tier 2 emission standards
Engine power 162 kW
Torque 932 kN
Speed (loaded) 25,5 km/h