Ximona BB331 is a mobile drill-and-charge unit with integrated mechanized drilling and explosive charging functions. The rig is based on a self-contained diesel hydraulic platform, with an on-board water tank and large compressor for air-mist flushing. A compact feed and efficient Ximonia BD314 rock drill enable easy positioning and fast drilling in confined spaces, such as inside a drawpoint.


  • Well protected canopy/cab for improved safety
  • Self-contained autonomous mobile drill rig for flexible operations
  • Remote operation of all functionalities for improved safety
  • Fully mechanized drill and charge head for high efficiency
  • High boom coverage, up to 8.4 meters reach for superior productivity
Technical data
Breaking method Drill-charge
Self-contained carrier, diesel power 92 kW
Rock position On ground and hangup
Hole length 2 400 mm
Hole diameter 33–51 mm
Weight 16 000 kg
Depending on options
Boom Ximonia BB60P (TS2-231)