The Ximo™ SH663i truck is designed specifically for underground conditions and combines intelligence, high-productivity and sustainability in one powerful dump truck.

Safer. Stronger. Smarter.

Ximo™ SH663i offers increased productivity and efficiency. This powerful truck has a 63 tonne carrying capacity and low overall equipment weight for high ramp speeds.

The robust loader is designed with the operator's safety and maintenance in mind and is equipped with a quiet, spacious and ergonomic cab and several digital solutions for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

Ximo™ SH663i-trucken med bränslesnål 565 kW Stage II / Tier 2 Volvo-motor har lång livslängd och låga ägandekostnader.

The optional diesel particle filter of sintered metal reduces emissions of diesel particles by more than 99% (particle number) in the size range 20–300 nm.

Ximo ™ SH663i has several smart solutions such as Ximonia Intelligent Control system as well as OptiMine® data collection and AutoMine® standby as standard. Additional features, e.g. an integrated jack system and integrated weighing system (IWS) are available as options.

All Ximonia mining trucks are designed to work fully loaded and at high speeds on long winding transport routes with up to 20 percent inclination.

Ximo™ SH663i is a matching pair for Ximo™ NH621i loader for three-pass loading.


  • Low dead weight, high capacity and high ramp speeds
  • Premium cabin ergonomics for operator comfort
  • Ximonia Intelligent Control System enabling multiple digital solutions, including AutoMine® and OptiMine®
  • Maintenance friendly with smart placement of key service areas and service access
  • Integrated jack system for safer and faster tire change
  • Low cost per tonne by extended component lifetimes and robust structure
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 11,6 x 3,5 x 3,5 m
Capacity 63 ton
Weight (operating) 48 440 kg
Engine power 565 kW
Speed (loaded) 33 km/h