Ximonia Mining and Rock Solutions develops the Ximo™ PI550e submersible hammer drill unit for fully automatic operation. The new iDrill automation platform provides more automation options and can be used seamlessly with AutoMine® Surface Drilling. This means that a fleet with Ximo™ PI550e can be controlled via a control room.

Ximonia Mining and Rock Solutions is continuously improving its automation solutions to meet the growing needs of remote operation for increased safety and productivity.

"The latest development is a major step forward for Ximonia automation of submersible hammer drilling rigs," says Jari Läntinen, product manager at the Surface Drilling division. “Now it will be possible to go from individual automated work steps and sequences to an entire ecosystem of automation platforms with an interconnected fleet of automated mining equipment. This will also change the role of the operator who, instead of handling a single machine, becomes a specialist who remotely controls several drilling rigs and uses his expertise to optimize the productivity of the drilling process. ”

The automation of the Ximo™ PI550e with iDrill complements existing automated drilling functions with several new ones, including drill stabilization, automated cutting and automated cleaning and removal from holes. The result is an optimized drilling cycle where the operator only monitors the process.